Service Charge


Diagnostic /Bench Fee



On Site Service Charge1


Trip Charge for Onsite Service1



Windows Installation and Configuration2


Spyware and Virus Removal     (1 User)3


System Assembly / Build for Special Orders4


Assembly with OS Installation4


Laptop LCD / Inverter Repair Service Charge5


Image from 1 HDD to another


Data Backup (0-4GB)


1Depending on location there is a different charge for onsite service. P.C. Masters is $75.00 and Microseconds is $99.00 with a $25 trip charge

2 Includes Installation of windows (with provided COA), Drivers and Updates. Other software such as antivirus is not included in this charge.

3 Includes installation of antispyware programs and removal of all detected spyware and viruses. Additional Users cost an additional $40.00 after the first user. Users can be deleted on request. $130.00 for wipe and reload of corruption caused by viruses

4 systems needing extensive cabling and are more in depth will be charged $100.00 unless a basic system is built then it would be $75.00

5 Depending on the model and how much time is put into replacing LED/LCD will be a higher charge. If screen is touch screen, has overlays, protectors there will be a higher charge